military hovercraft
Pioneer Mk3.5



  • Type:


  • Length:

    12.2 m (40'02")


The Pioneer Mk3.5 is an advanced variant of the Pioneer Mk3.1 modified for Military Applications.

The superstructure is heavily modified for this demanding role with Ballistic Protection to the raised control module and other critical areas. The removable central cabin doors and roof provide top loading cargo capability. Additional options such as the galley, fresh hot and cold water system, refrigeration, marine toilet, alternative sources of electric power extensive stores volume provide an exception platform for the most discerning military operator to rely upon for their strategic planning. and armament are among the many options that the Pioneer Mk3.5 is capable of supporting.

The Pioneer Mk3.5 performs beyond expectations with a 3-ton payload rating and is capable of carrying considerable ‘over-load’ at reduced performance on demand. All of this in a package which has removable sides and is easily transported.

The design of the Pioneer Mk3.5 utilises modern technologies of design and equipment to achieve exceptional performance while retaining a simplistic approach to construction and maintainability. High powered twin engine/twin lift system/twin reversible thrust propellers provide redundancy, performance and unsurpassed manoeuvrability uncommonly found in hovercraft of this class. The IFA propellers can be crew adjusted for improved performance or economy and provide full steering control during reverse travel which is essential for parking into or exiting tight places or turning 360 degrees ‘on the spot’. Twin propellers provide control and redundancies which are not possible to achieve with a single propeller.