hydro-jet inflatable boat / RIB / center console / yacht tender



  • Motor type:


  • Hull type:


  • Deck layout:

    center console

  • Style:

    yacht tender

  • Number of places:

    4-person max.

  • Length:

    3.05 m (10'00")


COMPACT,not small

We know that regardless the size of your yacht, you expect to get the most out of your jet tender. Our freshly forged Agilis 305 is packed with everything that should be in a full-fledged tender but in a more compact package. Everything to make 305 your safe and practical partner in everyday tasks and soul mate in moments of joy.

Powerful as YOU NEED IT

Agilis 305 is powered by the centrally mounted Rotax 900 ACE power plant, the most compact and economical, yet powerful watercraft engine. Designed specifically for delivering years of reliable fun, this 90 HP ROTAX features Closed-Loop Cooling System that prevents corrosive saltwater from entering the engine. Advanced Combustion Efficiency technology (ACE) minimizes mechanical friction and improves thermodynamic efficiency for optimal performance. Finally, this engine is environmentally friendly.

Expertly designed hull contributes to industry leading stability at both slow and high speeds and improves offshore performance. Inflatable tubes are made of ORCA® engineered fabrics, which is highly regarded in marine industry for its reliability and strongest resistance in rough conditions.