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aquaculture skimmer / protein
Skim Plus



  • Breeding type:

    for aquaculture

  • Function:



The Skim Plus is the automatic version of the traditional Skim.
Thanks to the automatic control of the cupel, Skim Plus optimizes the water consumption of the system by means of a control on the flow of foam to be evacuated.

Skim Plus allows you to program the operation of the system.

The Skim Plus regulates the formation of the foam automatically, lowering or raising the cupel by means of a linear actuator controlled by a PLC integrated in the electrical control panel.

The special SKIM PRO PACK allows you to upgrade the traditional Skim to a Skim Plus.

The adjustment of the cupel of the Skim Plus can be controlled manually or in a fully automatic way, verifying and applying the desired level at any time to optimize the formation of the foam.