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aquaculture skimmer / protein



  • Breeding type:

    for aquaculture

  • Function:



Skim is a high yield, high capacity protein skimmer, the design of which is derived from research and technological innovations in the field of water treatment.
Skim is used to eliminate bacteria and organic matter from the water. It has a capacity of 100 cubic meters per hour and is capable of filtering submicron particles.

The foam produced by Skim is formed at the desired density (via a patented system), liquefies mechanically without any jet of water and consequent waste, and is then evacuated either by pressure, by gravity or mechanically.

The filtered and oxygenated water exits the Skim, thereby instigating circulation in the basin.

The Skim can be installed directly in the basin or in a peripheral catchment area.

In addition to its foaming function, Skim allows oxygenation and excellent degassing (timer controlled) as well as an artificial circulation of the water in the basin.

This method allows the homogenization of temperature and dissolved oxygen. The created water current also causes a re-suspension of sediment for an effective evacuation.