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aquaculture skimmer / protein

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aquaculture skimmer / protein aquaculture skimmer / protein


  • Breeding type:

    for aquaculture

  • Function:



Protos is classified as a foam fractionator or protein skimmer that works with the removal process A.G.I.F. (Aspirated Injected Gas Flotation), or induced gas flotation.

A.G.I.F. is a process by which air or gas is aspirated and injected in the form of micro bubbles, directly into the liquid to be treated, and is dissolved by turbulence.

Protos allows these bubbles of air or gas to attract small solid or insoluble particles, and carry them to float on the surface where they can be removed.

Protos brings to the surface a number of particles such as bacteria, microalgae, small suspended solids, organic and inorganic matter, fats, oils and colloidal substances so that they are easily removed by skimming.

By means of aspirated centrifugation, Protos liquefies the foam so that it may be evacuated and eliminated from the water cycle.

With Protos is also possible to inject liquid gases to saturation or induction, such as oxygen, ozone, carbon dioxide, flocculants and surfactants.