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aquaculture water aerator / propeller / submersible
Round 7



  • Breeding type:

    for aquaculture

  • Type:

    propeller, submersible


The Round Seven is an aeration and circulation base station, designed to optimize the effect of an installed pump and oxygenator.

The Round Seven is composed of one Rio circulator (1 or 2 HP) and one or two powerful submersible Forza7 aerators.

This fixed station is equipped with an automated system that allows it to rotate on an axis, with variable angle depending on the needs.

The rotation of the Round Seven system allows it to cover a greater area for an equivalent installed power, therefore producing savings in the forms of energy consumption, and the number of machines in operation to install and maintain.

It is especially suitable for farms with ponds of considerable size, or for large-scale natural ecosystems.

The positions of the engines can be modified to adapt to different levels of the individual water body basins.

Each motor is easily removable and replaceable, minimizing maintenance operations.

Thanks to the presence of an electrical control panel, designed to operate with up to 3 motors of different powers, each Round Seven tower is operated by a single power cord, significantly reducing installation costs.

The control panel, protected from the outside, is equipped with timers for a single engine.