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aquaculture water aerator / propeller
Combo Series



  • Breeding type:

    for aquaculture

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COMBO, Combito, and Combix are classified as combined systems that marry the ability of circulators to move large volumes water with the ability of aerators to inject large volumes of air or oxygen.

Combo, Combito, and Combix create exponential yields with a high percentage of oxygen transfer and water movement due to the considerable increase in the contact time between the air/oxygen and water.

The combined systems make it possible to transfer up to 10 times the amount of oxygen compared to a simple aerator, with very little additional energy, thanks to the greater volume of water managed by the system.

Combo, Combito, and Combix combine the volume of a circulator with the force of an aerator.

They are ideal for large reservoirs and any type of highly professional application.

Installations are available with various combinations of motors, at various strengths, numbers and types, according to the specific needs and requirements.