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aquaculture water aerator / submersible
Force7 PRO Series



  • Breeding type:

    for aquaculture

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The FORCE 7 PRO is an enhanced version of FORZA7 that is more compact and capable. It retains all of its original features: aeration, oxygenation, degassing, stratification, skimming and purification of water and bottom soil.

FORCE 7 PRO is an electronic, submersible, and ultra-high efficiency model, available in bronze or cast iron.

Aside from circulating the water, the Forza7 PRO is capable of breaking down the air bubbles to such a size as to ensure oxygen transfer rates that are vastly superior to traditional aeration systems. These features have been developed over many years and have been informed from improvements made in the field. Not only in fishing industry applications, where the yield and the reliability of the aerators are of primary concern for production, but also in the field of environmental restoration and water purification.

The jet of FORCE 7 PRO is vertically adjustable up to 45 degrees.

This allows you to better adapt to all possible forms of bodies of water to be oxygenated.

The FORCE 7 PRO aerator can be installed in two main versions: with floats to track tank water levels in relation to air equalization, or on fixed supports anchored to the bottom, the walls or pillars present in the pool or lake.