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aquaculture water aerator / propeller
Force 7



  • Breeding type:

    for aquaculture

  • Type:



Force7 is classified as a powerful aerator. The speed of its propeller creates a pressure drop that draws air from the surface through a suction tube.

Force7 injects a large volume of air in the form of micro bubbles. It is dissolved by turbulence, optimizing the dissolution of air and oxygen in the water.

The Force7 propeller also creates a powerful stream of water to provide circulation. It can be installed at different depths and at different angles of incidence, in order to prevent thermal stratification and make the ecosystem uniform. This circulation helps to improve and speed up the process of dissolution of oxygen in the water.

Efficient aeration and circulation at sufficient depths can neutralize polluting elements.

By floatation, Force 7 can remove any excess algae proliferation, any colloidal substances, any degassed nitrogen, and any other harmful dissolved gas.

In its standard version, Force7 can distribute and dissolve pure oxygen or ozone, or it can be used to inject and mix chemicals to the water.