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aquaculture oxygenator

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aquaculture oxygenator aquaculture oxygenator - Rio


  • Breeding type:

    for aquaculture


Rio is classified as a powerful circulator for high flow and low energy consumption.

Rio is a compact and powerful system, characterized by a motor with adjustable inclination of up to 15° from horizontal, in order to better adapt to individual needs.

The inclination angle and shape of the propellers was designed to improve performance and efficiency. A more directed flow is available in the version with the conveyor.

The Rio’s low speed double helical setting allows for very quiet operation does not disturb animals in the lake, while minimizing the environmental impact on the aquatic ecosystem.

Rio ensures circulation and stratification in ponds with a surface area of up to 10,000 m2, using one single motor. It is possible to extend operations using multiple motors.

In winter, the Rio is able to keep significant areas free of ice, even in large reservoirs.

The Rio allows the maintenance of a consistent water quality, avoiding sudden temperature changes and variations between layers at different depths, and therefore allowing a consistent salinity level throughout the water column.

Through equalization, the Rio allows the complete and uniform distribution of all the nutrients and oxygen over the entire volume of water.

In aquaculture, this minimizes the mortality of plankton and monitors the occurrence of algal blooms.

By circulating the water, the Rio allows you to remove organic deposits and pollutants, avoiding phenomena of decomposition and fermentation and reducing the onset of odors caused by anaerobic decomposition.