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vacuum degasser / for aquaculture
Brio 44 / Brio 47



  • Type:


  • Breeding type:

    for aquaculture


Brio44 and Brio 47 are classified as a surface circulator and degasser that also provides oxygenation at low power consumption rates.

Brio44 and Brio 47 are compact and powerful. Characterized by a motor, which can be inclined upward to allow a spray effect, an effective method for both oxygenating and degassing.

Brio 44 and Brio 47 are able to establish good circulation within the basin due to the rear water booster, allowing destratification and avoiding a concentrated effect only on the surface layer, as with traditional systems.

Brio44 and Brio 47 are very light, easy to handle, sturdy and durable, especially suitable for use in salt water.

Available in different power and different rotation speeds that make it highly versatile and adaptable to different series.

Brio44 and Brio 47 are available on a professionally thermoformed, UV-resistant support float.