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aquaculture oxygenator
Brio Series

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aquaculture oxygenator aquaculture oxygenator - Brio Series


  • Breeding type:

    for aquaculture


Brio is classified as a high-flow, energy efficient circulator.
Brio is a compact and powerful system, characterized by motor, which is adjustable to a desired depth. It is also possible to direct the flow, in order to better adapt to the shape of the tub or basin.

Brio is very light, easy to handle, sturdy and durable, and is especially suitable for use in salt water.

Brio ensures circulation and stratification in ponds with a surface area of up to 3000 m2.

Brio effectively allows for the maintenance of a consistent water quality, avoiding sudden temperature changes and variations between layers at different depths, and therefore allowing a consistent salinity level throughout the water column.

Through equalization, Brio allows the complete and uniform distribution of all the nutrients and oxygen over the entire volume of water.

In aquaculture, this minimizes the mortality of plankton and monitors the occurrence of algal blooms.

By circulating the water, Brio allows you to remove organic deposits and pollutants, avoiding phenomena of decomposition and fermentation and reducing the onset of odors caused by anaerobic decomposition.

Brio is available in two versions: Brio and Brio FS, with 1650 rpm and 3350 rpm respectively.

The different powers speeds make the Brio a circulator highly versatile and adaptable to different situations.

Flow and safety conveyors are also available to meet diffused or high speed, direct flows.