ship watermaker / energy recovery

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ship watermaker / energy recovery ship watermaker / energy recovery - WM3


  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Type:

    energy recovery


The ACO Marine WM3 is a water treatment unit with extremely low energy consumption designed for recycling wastewater from wastewater treatment plants as potable water. With a physical size comparable to that of a small domestic refrigerator it produces Drinking Water and technological Pure Water in a range of capacities. This device is equipped with the RCS System and all other special features supplied as the standard in this class for ensuring perfect purity and sterility of water.

ACO WM3 – THASMS (hybrid technology of asymmetric selective membrane separation) can treat any type of input water and effectively removes all forms of biological, bacteriological, mineral, gas or toxic contamination. The treatment process converts treated effluent water by purification into the equivalent of pure, clear springwater. This is achieved purely by the physical processes of the system with no requirement for any chemicals.