bow thruster / stern / for boats / hydraulic
8 inch



  • Type:

    bow, stern

  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Power source:


  • Other characteristics:

    twin counter-rotating propellers


ABT-TRAC Hydraulic Thrusters deliver more thrust per horsepower than any other thruster available. ABT-TRAC's twin counter-rotating propellers are more efficient and can reach higher horsepower than single prop hydraulic thrusters.

ABT-TRAC hydraulic thrusters are fitted with high efficiency piston motors. 8" thru 12" thrusters are available in a DC version and all ABT-TRAC thrusters are available in AC versions.

Thruster control is available in single or proportional speed. Proportional thruster control enables precise maneuvering control.

Most ABT-TRAC hydraulic thrusters are powered by a TRAC Integrated Hydraulic system. Integrated hydraulics may also support stabilizers, windlasses, capstans, cranes, or other hydraulic equipment.

ABT-TRAC hydraulic thrusters are built for heavy-duty service. Gears and bearings are intentionally oversized. ABT-TRAC propeller hubs shroud the gearbox to protect the prop shaft. A rotating seal guard provides absolute protection of the shaft seals. ABT-TRAC systems are extensively documented and delivered ready-to-install. Expert support is always available from factory technicians and through our global service network.

ABT-TRAC hydraulic thrusters are installed as standard equipment by more of the world's top yacht builders than any other brand. For exceptional performance, highest quality, and unmatched support, choose ABT-TRAC