children's sailing dinghy / single-handed / regatta / catboat



  • Crew:

    single-handed, children's

  • Use:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Sailing dinghy class:


  • Length:

    2.3 m (7'06")


The ASTRO Optimist, are the result of many years of experience* in sail competition, and in production* of technical composites, applied to build high-level hulls for the Optimist Class.

We have two options: PN/Mk1(R)*, our thoroughbred for high level racing and PN/Mk1(R2)*, our proposal for medium to high level racing but at an unbeatable quality/price rate.


-Hull "Snow White", Gunwale "ASTRO Grey", Midship Frame See palette*, Inner hull face "Ash Grey" and Anti-skid area "Graphite",
-Low friction DELRIN deck collar with tapered, and fore-aft oval inner diameter, for maximum mast rake,
-316SS lightened mast step with rake spring looking system,
-Daggerboard retaining system,
-48 Lts. IODA’95 buoyancy bags with inflation tube and twist look valve,
-Block and Winch HARKEN,
-Kiwi style padded hiking straps, with loops for lifting shockcord,
-Tapered DYNEEMA mainsheet,
-316SS rudder fittings,
-Braided tow line with 316SS safety hook,
-3,5 Lts. bailer secured with shockcord and plastic hook,
-Paddle secured with shockcord and plastic hook.


-Hull, Gunwale and Midship frame in "Snow white", Inner hull face and anti-skid in "Ash Grey" colour scheme,
-DELRIN deck collar,
-316SS Mast step,
-Daggerboard retaining system,
-43 Lts. IODA’95 buoyancy bags with Std. valve,
-Block and Winch HOLTNautos,
-Polyester mainsheet,
-Security Kit (Tow line/Bailer/Paddle).