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canoe/kayak drysuit / one-piece / 10 mm / men's
canoe/kayak drysuit

Articulated cut with pre bent elbows, bum and knees Fully taped seams Breathable and durable X4 mid-heavy weight nylon with 20m waterproofing Reinforced elbows, shoulders, knees, bum and ankles Latex inner neck with superstretch neo ...

dive suit / rescue / drysuit / one-piece
dive suit

... mind. Countless Fire Dept.’s, Sheriff’s Dept.’s and rescue teams have been using the Whites Hazmat for over 10 years. This suit has been designed with this diver in mind; the most popular features & options have become ...

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Whites Manufacturing
professional drysuit / one-piece / 6 mm / unisex
professional drysuit

... latex bottle neck type. Thigh pocket Telescope design at the waist. The integrated suspenders and the crotch strap make the suit economically function as separate jacket and trousers. Reinforcement at the back site. Double ...

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TMG Techniek Oosterhout
spearfishing wetsuit / one-piece / long-sleeve / 1.5 mm
spearfishing wetsuit

The latest addition to the DIGI-TEK Camo family. Riffe’s PELAGI-TEK and COVI-TEK are tailored toward blue water hunting and diving in the kelpy waters of the Pacific coast. The Digi-tek family of wetsuits now offers camouflage to cover ...

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Riffe International
dive drysuit / full / one-piece / long-sleeve
dive drysuit

The Divemaster Commercial drysuit is the first choice of active sport divers and the UK’s major commercial diving schools. Manufactured from a specially formulated 5.5mm hyper-compressed neoprene, the Divemaster allows freedom of movement ...

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Northern Diver (International)
dive drysuit / one-piece / 3 mm / unisex
dive drysuit

... diving suit. Made from super high density 3mm neoprene which offers the best resistance to crush of any neoprene whist also being our most stretchy, the suit also features hand applied double rubber tape ...

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Typhoon International Limited
dive drysuit / one-piece / 3 mm / unisex
dive drysuit

The DUI CF200X drysuit is truly a legend! The choice for wreck & commercial divers Only DUI has crushed neoprene! We take 3mm neoprene and put the material through a process which it actually off-gases and crushes it to about 1mm. This ...

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Diving Unlimited International
dive suit / professional / drysuit / one-piece
dive suit

6.5 mm neoprene diving dry suit. Special development for underwater work. HD neoprene, outside fabrics of nylon flex. Backside seat, elbow and shoulder material outside from armortex fabrics. Knee protection HD rubber ...

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dive suit / one-piece / 5 mm / unisex
dive suit

Our EZ Stretch suit is now built with an amazing new concept in neoprene; Nano Technology. As noted in Random House College Dictionary, "Nano" is "a combining word meaning very small; in units of measure, it is equal ...

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Action plus
dive wetsuit / shorty / one-piece / 5 mm
dive wetsuit

They are suits with superstretch linings. The line includes one-piece, shorty, and undersuit that make the suit modular and increase warmth without affecting the freedom ...

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R.S. di Scerbo Roberto Rofos 
dive suit / one-piece / other / women's
dive suit

Designed specifically for training swimming and apnea. Made in high quality neoprene Type S, it's more elastic and comfortable. Button closure relax click with Supratex reinforcement. Inside X-Tend Nylon. Outside Glide Skin neoprene, ...

dive drysuit / one-piece / other / unisex
dive drysuit

250 PSI low pressure hose interior DYNAT zipper adjustable waist clip for proper fit pocket on exterior of right leg comes with cornstarch powder and wax(for seals and zipper treatment) comes with easy storage and carry nylon bag

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Body Glove
watersports wetsuit / one-piece / sleeveless / other
watersports wetsuit

Neoprene suit Laminateed on both sides. The variable Velcro fastener at the shoulders and the flexible material make the suit grow with your child. Size 1-3