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boat display / multi-function / speed / GPS
boat display

The SpeedCoach GPS is the full-featured rowing performance monitor designed to maximize your training effectiveness. Get detailed insight into your speed, stroke rate and stroke run in any seat of any boat without installing wiring, ...

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boat display / multi-function / digital
boat display

Digital gauge is a patented device that is unique in a way that one and the same unit can be pre-set and dedicated to measuring any type of value (volts, amperes, temperature, pressure, fuel consumption, etc) aboard a ...

racing sailboat display / multi-function / digital
racing sailboat display

Grab it Ping the wind Grab the line Display Top digits Boat Speed Mid digits Timer Bottom Line Information Perform Sail fast Display Top digits Speed Mid digits (options) Bearing Shift ...

boat display / multi-function / LCD / digital
boat display

... fittingly describes the OPUS A3e. This full-value operator console features a 4.3” screen with 480 x 272 pixels and is optionally available with a touchscreen display. A further plus point of the OPUSA3e ...

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ship display / multi-function / LCD / touch screen
ship display
G32N 12.1"

... operated by a single display panel using touch commands. SeaGauge G32N has multiple data ports which allows for switching between dual SeaGauge Sensor Interface Units to further increase instrumentation to over 32 functions ...

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Chetco Digital Marine
boat display / multi-function / speed / depth
boat display

The MaxVu110 multifunction unit is an exciting new concept in instrumentation. The MaxVu110 will simultaneously measure and display five sets of data on three digital displays ...

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ship display / multi-function / digital / radar
ship display

The multifunction VisionMaster FT TotalWatch offers complete control and flexibility for bridge manning. It easily displays Radar, Chart Radar and ECDIS in any combination and configuration to suit different ...

ship display / for boats / multi-function / LCD
ship display
PowerView® 780

... design makes this display a great solution for extreme environments. The PV780 display is compatible with PowerVision Configuration Studio® which allows users to edit CAN parameters, add OEM branding ...

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FW Murphy
racing sailboat display / multi-function / digital / wireless
racing sailboat display

See shifts at a glance. Big numbers and bold arrows make it easy to see how much you're headed or lifted. A user interface that works under pressure. Oversized buttons allow you to instantly store port and starboard reference angles ...

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boat display / for sailboats / multi-function / digital
boat display

... monitors will display their information on the multi page display. It has a high resolution sunlight readable colour display in a compact 95mm square rugged format. ...

aquaculture display / multi-function / LCD
aquaculture display

The OxyGuard D205 Display is a local indicator for 4-20mA current loop signals. It is factory calibrated, and is easily set up by choosing from a list of the most common parameters and ranges.

boat display / multi-function / LCD / LED
boat display

... blinking display. In addition, the Generator Monitor logs cumulative generator operation hours with programmable service interval hour settings and notification. Features Large 1/2 high LED digits ...