survival wetsuit / with hood / full / other
survival wetsuit

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watersports wetsuit / full / long-sleeve / 3 mm
watersports wetsuit
DIVA 3/2

C-W17WS-BKHighlightsl Material: 90% super stretch 3mm super-flex neoprene / 10% nylonl Arms/Legs: 100% 2mm soft touch neoprenel Seams: 100% power seam tapel Hand washl Do not foldSIZE: XS / S / M / L / XL

dive drysuit / full / long-sleeve / other
dive drysuit

MATERIAL: 3-layer material FEATURES: especially warm two pockets soft Merino collar soft Merino lining very comfortable to wear

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CAMARO, Erich Roiser
watersports wetsuit / full / long-sleeve / 3 mm
watersports wetsuit

Packing serious heat for the wind sport adventurer, this hybrid wetsuit is engineered for the best combination of warmth, flexibility and durability. Armor-Skin neoprene fights wind like nothing else while strategically placed Apex-Plus ...

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Neilpryde Waterwear
kitesurfing wetsuit / full / long-sleeve / with hood
kitesurfing wetsuit

... heat generators while providing a smooth and soft feeling that makes the suit incredibly comfortable, but it is manufactured to be extremely flexible to keep even the thickest suit very stretchy. It is ...

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canoe/kayak drysuit / full / with hood / other
canoe/kayak drysuit

Articulated cut with pre bent elbows, bum and knees Fully taped dive quality seams Breathable and durable X4 mid-heavy weight nylon with 20m waterproofing Reinforced elbows, knees, bum and ankles Really soft superstretch ...

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navigation flotation suit / full / other / unisex
navigation flotation suit

Completely wind and waterproof. Many pockets inside and out. Internal braces to ensure a good fit.

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flotation suit / full / 5 mm / unisex
flotation suit

in the Intrepid range of immersion suits, tried and tested in the harshest environments, ISP supplies the world with some of its most highly regarded immersion suits. All comply with the latest MED (Shipswheel) ...

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International Safety Product
dive drysuit / full / one-piece / long-sleeve
dive drysuit

... flexibility, as well as being exceptionally hard-wearing. Hyper-compressed is not just a name to increase product appeal. This is a full commercial process, requiring the use of a 500 ton heated press. Although this ...

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Northern Diver (International)
canoe/kayak drysuit / full / other / unisex
canoe/kayak drysuit

The Kokatat GORE-TEX® Radius dry suit featuring SwitchZip technology that separates completely at the waist gives touring paddlers the versatility of a dry suit and dry top in one garment. The Radius ...

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watersports wetsuit / full / 5 mm / unisex
watersports wetsuit
RAPTOR 7/5/4

The Raptor and Coral are our top of the range cold water wetsuits, built from super stretchy 7/5/4 mm neoprene they feature a whole host of new technology. They have an internal bat wing to make them as dry as possible, this is backed ...

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Typhoon International Limited
survival suit / full / 5 mm / unisex
survival suit

... with a tear-proof thread, excellent insulation even when water penetration occurs due to a damage of the suit. Hood and gloves attached to the suit, face-flap for additional insulation, Reflecting tape ...

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dive wetsuit / full / long-sleeve / body
dive wetsuit

The Back Zip Full Jumpsuit provides full body exposure protection with the ease of a back zipper entry. Wear as a stand-alone full body exposure suit in warmer waters ...

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LavaCore International
survival wetsuit / full / 5 mm / unisex
survival wetsuit

... -certified Please note that each immersion suit is equipped with an emergency light however charges for the emergency light will be billed separately. Please note: the design of Scandia Gear’s immersion suits ...

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Scandia Gear Europe
canoe/kayak drysuit / full / other / unisex
canoe/kayak drysuit

... MasterSeal waterproof relief zipper, with protective flap cover, so you can answer nature's call without having to strip out of the suit. Top quality latex wrist and neck gaskets seal water out. The heavy-duty ...

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dive drysuit / full / other / unisex
dive drysuit

Inspired by the idea of combining sturdiness and comfort, is intended for lovers of neoprene drysuits. Its strengths are its sturdiness, the warmth of the neoprene, and the handy self-draining pockets.

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R.S. di Scerbo Roberto Rofos 
professional flotation suit / body / full / other
professional flotation suit

Survitec has pioneered submarine escape technology, introducing full garment protection as alternatives to Davis Equipment and the Steinke Hood as far back as 1952. Innovative, design-based and fully validated improvements ...

spearfishing wetsuit / full / other / unisex
spearfishing wetsuit

... elasticity and long lasting in the market. Camo suit with Spetton Panel technology. Developed under a long-term study of deep-sea and designed for difussing the shape of the spear fishers. This is a high quality wet suit ...

surf wetsuit / full / with hood / 5 mm
surf wetsuit

MATERIALS: Magnaflex high performance stretch material Thermoplush fiber in chest and back Construction: S-flex seam taping that provides a better seal, warmth and durability Unfinished collar, wrist & ankle cuffs ...

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Body Glove
professional drysuit / full / with hood / other
professional drysuit

PROTEUS INSULATED IMMERSION SUIT M.E.D. 96/98/EC, SOLAS-L.S.A. CODE, IMO MSC.81(70) For general commercial use. Protects against hypothermia inside water. Made of neoprene material. Glued and blind-stitched seams for ...

watersports drysuit / full / other / unisex
watersports drysuit

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SeaBird Designs AS
watersports wetsuit / full / sleeveless / 3 mm
watersports wetsuit

Trousers are made of 3 mm neoprene. They provide good heat comfort and flexibility during watersports. Thanks to two-way zipper in the front and short zippers on the ankles, is put on and taken off very easily. Exposed areas are protected ...