Electric thrusters

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bow thruster / for ships / electric / tunnel type
bow thruster

... vessels Special versions of this thruster system are available, for example a solution where the thruster is mounted in a rubber sealing. This reduces structure borne noise significantly and makes it ...

bow thruster / stern / for boats / AC
bow thruster

Power: 25 ch - 200 ch

TRAC Thrusters deliver more thrust per horsepower than any other thruster available. TRAC’s twin counter-rotating propellers are more efficient and can reach higher horsepower than single prop thrusters. TRAC ...

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bow thruster / for boats / electric / twin counter-rotating propellers
bow thruster
DC PRO Series

Power: 23, 13 ch

Extremely efficient electric motors eliminate the possibility of early thermal shutdown. Fully proportional control for safe and gentle docking; or full power if the conditions dictate. Durable stainless steel gearbox ...

bow thruster / for boats / electric
bow thruster

Power: 5 kW

This is a 5kW [7hp] electronic bowthruster, 400VAC.

fixed thruster / ROV / electric / compact
fixed thruster

Thrust: 2.4 kgf
Power: 135 W

Product Description The T100 Thruster is a patented underwater thruster designed specifically for marine robotics. It’s high performing with over 5 pounds of thrust and durable enough for use in the ...

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bow thruster / stern / for yachts / DC
bow thruster

Power: 16 ch - 200 ch

... Hydraulic Thrusters deliver more thrust per horsepower than any other thruster available. ABT•TRAC's twin counter-rotating propellers are more efficient and can reach higher horsepower than single prop ...

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bow thruster / for ships / electric / hydraulic
bow thruster

Power: 20 kW - 1,300 kW

... developed bow thrusters for pleasure craft and commercial craft markets. The existing performance range is from 20kW - 1300kW with fixed Kaplan type propellers running in steel, aluminium or FRP tunnel structures for ...

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Best Propulsion BV
azimuth thruster / for ships / electric / L-drive
azimuth thruster
MML 55

Power: 70 kW - 100 kW

... match with customer's wish and need of green vessels and high maneuverability, we have recently developped our azimuthal thruster. Our 2 first units of MML55 model have already been sold and newly installed in the Hermione, ...

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Masson Marine
stern thruster / for boats / electric / tunnel type
stern thruster

Thrust: 57.9 daN
Power: 4 kW

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Yacht Thruster
fixed thruster / for AUVs / ROV / DC
fixed thruster

Propulsors and Thrusters Custom units can be built from small manouvering thrusters to large submarine propulsors. These are brushless DC, positive pressure balanced oil filled for 3,000m operation. ...

azimuth thruster / for ships / electric / hydraulic
azimuth thruster

... Mounted Propulsion Units Fully self-contained outboard propulsion units with a prime mover that can be either a diesel engine, electric motor or hydraulic pump/motor combination. The vertical stem can be tilted for cleaning ...

bow thruster / for ships / electric
bow thruster
CP 40 / CP 50 / CP 90

Thrust: 40, 90, 50 daN
Power: 3.7, 2.3, 7 kW

CP 40 Specially developed for ships with a length to 10 m. The battery voltage is 12 Volt. This model can be used in almost any ship. CP 50 With it’s thrust capacity of at least 50 kg, the CP 50 can be installed in ships up to ...

bow thruster / for boats / electric
bow thruster

Power: 2.5 kW

The SS230 Bow Thruster is made for all types of boats up to 35 feet in length Description: Bow Thruster 12 V DC, 300 Amps, Single Prop, Aluminum Anodes Horsepower: 2.5HP Unit Size: 12″ wide x 27″ ...

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bow thruster / stern / professional vessel / for ships
bow thruster
Tunnel Thrusters

Thrust: 2 kN - 358 kN
Power: 20 kW - 2,400 kW

DTG branded tunnel thruster series. Optimized step size range of 20-2400 kW power. Available with Electric, Hydraulic or Diesel engine drive. Compatibel with Steel, Aluminium & FRP vessels. Compliant ...

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Dutch Thruster Group BV
bow thruster / for ships / electric / tunnel type
bow thruster

Thrust: 294.2 daN - 8,284.7 daN
Power: 25 kW - 768 kW

T Series electric tunnel thrusters are compact and easy to fit units that can be supplied complete with steel, aluminium or composite tunnels, pre drilled ready for installation. The thruster ...

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stern thruster / bow / for boats / DC
stern thruster

Thrust: 29.4 daN
Power: 3 kW

Force 30 Kgf Voltage DC 12V E-motor capacity kW 3kW Current 480A Master fuse 500A Recommended battery capacity 12V 1 x Optima Yellow Top 55Ah Battery cable +/- 1m -> 50mm2 / 3ft -> 1/0 AWG Water inlet 1 x Ø 90 mm/3⅟₂” Water outlet ...

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Holland marine parts
ship thruster / electric / hydraulic / diesel engine
ship thruster

Thrust: 3.4 kN - 58.8 kN
Power: 22 kW - 400 kW

... controlled by the revolution and rotation direction of the prime mover. Since the model can be used with hydraulic motors, electric motors, and diesel engines, it is used on various types of vessels. Since the model ...

bow thruster / stern / for boats / electric
bow thruster
Model 12 / 16 / 20 / 24

Power: 22 kW - 110 kW

... ensure against contamination. The Right Angle Thruster Systems gave inboard shafting design allows drive flexibility with either a hydraulic motor or AC electric motor drive package. Right Angle Power ...

fixed thruster / ROV / for AUVs / DC
fixed thruster
SPE-75 / SPE-180 / SPE-250

Thrust: 98.1 daN

Sub-Atlantic’s new direct drive range of brushless DC thrusters break new ground in thrust, low weight and enhanced reliability. They are currently available in three sizes, each incorporating Sub-Atlantic’s unique StatorshieldTM ...

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lateral thruster / for ships / electric / RIM-drive
lateral thruster

The SRT is an electrically operated thruster system without a gearbox or propeller shaft. The stator of the electric motor is integrated into the outer part of a tunnel and the blades are fastened to ...

azimuth thruster / for ships / electric / L-drive
azimuth thruster

Power: 1,500 kW - 8,000 kW

... Dynamic positioning thrusters are in service 24/7 during drilling operations. Interrupting drilling and leaving the site in order to repair a unit would be a costly decision. Never Out of Service The underwater demountable ...

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Thrustmaster of Texas
Voith thruster / azimuth / for ships / electric
Voith thruster

Power: 1,500 kW

... powered by a permanent-magnetic electric motor. The thruster system requires neither axle nor shaft or gearing. VIPs/VITs impress by their prompt steering and can also be retrofitted as propulsion systems ...