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dock mooring cleat / flat
dock mooring cleat

Our deck equipment is manufactured to OCIMF guidelines, where relevant, ensuring quality every time. Utilising state of the art 3D Finite Element Analysis we are able to customise solutions to meet your needs. We also specialise in the ...

double mooring cleat / for boats / stainless steel
double mooring cleat

Description Cleat Chock 9197S includes 3/8"x2" stainless threaded rod lock nuts and washer Cleat Chock 9197M includes 3/8"x2" stainless threaded rod lock nuts and washer Cleat Chock ...

boat mooring cleat / double / stainless steel
boat mooring cleat

Mazzer's bitts are tailor-made elements which are congenial to the elegant designs and solutions standing at the core of the company's success over the latest years. These solutions combine handicraft expertise, focus on details and highly ...

dock mooring cleat / flat / aluminum
dock mooring cleat

FLOE’s heavy duty aluminum cleats are perfect for tying off your boat. Mounts to the frame of the dock or side mounts using a bracket. Side mount cleats work on roll-in and floating docks only

boat deck cleat / double
boat deck cleat

Mooring bollards and cleats is to secure vessel to dock by mooring lines. The load rating the bollards or cleat is confirmed by these mooring line load capacity. The mooring line load is dependent on ...

yacht deck cleat / flat
yacht deck cleat
E series

boat mooring bitt / double / stainless steel
boat mooring bitt
780 series

U-shaped bitt in AISI 316 stainless steel with an oval base, three fixing pins, 3 mm thick Ø 70 mm pillars and level oval upper plates. This model can be adapted to suit boats of between 50 and 150 feet.

boat deck cleat / flat / stainless steel
boat deck cleat

... this retractable 8 inch Neat Cleat is easily accessible, yet effectively eliminates tripping hazards and snag points with a low-profile design. Simply pull up to use, push down to store. Internal friction springs hold ...

sailboat cam-cleat / jaw / composite material
sailboat cam-cleat
56.025 series

Line diameter: 3 mm - 14 mm

Made of carbon fibre on ball bearings, very sturdy and light.

sailboat cam-cleat / with fairlead / jaw
sailboat cam-cleat

Line diameter: 16 mm

Commentary Complete range of cam cleats Design optimized for an perfect jamming of the rope Can be lifted with the wedge kit Available in several sizes Applications Perfect jamming of rope (from 8 to 16 mm) Linked ...

boat deck cleat / flat / stainless steel
boat deck cleat

These stainless steel cleats are made of high-gloss polished stainless steel (AISI 316).

flat mooring cleat / for docks / aluminum
flat mooring cleat

DESCRIPTION This 10” aluminum cleat is designed for larger dock lines.

flat mooring cleat / for docks / stainless steel
flat mooring cleat

DESCRIPTION This 8” cleat attaches to heavy-duty stainless steel T-nuts molded in pairs around dock section perimeters.

dock mooring cleat / for boats / double / stainless steel
dock mooring cleat

boat deck cleat / built-in
boat deck cleat

boat deck cleat / flat / aluminum
boat deck cleat

... System with our Wave Dock Deck Cleats. Cleats mount directly into integrated mounting inserts on both ends & sides of Wave Armor deck/float sections. Simple, and easy installation using the provided hardware. Available ...

boat deck cleat / flat
boat deck cleat

CLEAT, 120MM 30120 Available colors: black Height: 20mm Length: 120mm Ø: 6mm (x2) Material: PA6 UV resistant

dock mooring cleat / for boats / double / stainless steel
dock mooring cleat

... moor your boats on landing stages or finger pontoons, Poralu Marine offers a range of cleats and bollards, providing a breaking strength of 2.5 to 10 tonnes. Our cleats and bollards are made of cast aluminium, ...