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outboard center console boat / yacht tender
outboard center console boat

Length: 7.06 m

Turning conuention on its heod by reinuenting clossicî, 23 Tender iî designed to deliuer seuen meters of the essentiols. No îupertluous gadgets. No eleotronio triokery. She iî a tool to îerue o purpose, on accornrnodoting instrument ...

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outboard center console boat / with enclosed cockpit / sport-fishing / with T-top
outboard center console boat
OSB 8,56

Length: 8.56 m

LOA: 8,56m Beam: 2,6m Weight: 1740 kg

inboard center console boat / sport-fishing / classic / 7-person max.
inboard center console boat

Length: 7 m

... rounded lines of a small double-ended fishing boat. It is available in the all-fibreglass version, and also in the more precious version where the wood finishings make the hull more stylish and colourful. The console ...

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center console catamaran / outboard / 4-person max. / with suspension system
center console catamaran
2 / 4 Play

Length: 8 m

... suspension system. This has great potential applications for commercial, military and recreational vessels. The need for marine suspension. • Reduced slamming and jarring motions Improves comfort and safety. • ...

outboard center console boat / twin-engine / sport-fishing / with T-top
outboard center console boat

Length: 6.68 m

This small open of sporting fishing will charm of them more one. Of a reduced dimension, but nevertheless comfortable, it offers the same possibilities as its elder. Fish vats, arrangements for the canes, comforts, small fish pond, all ...

outboard center console boat / sport-fishing / 4-person max.
outboard center console boat

Length: 4.3 m

... to fish. Its simplicity makes it the perfect aluminium chambered fishing boat. Featuring a fully welded flat floor with no trip hazards and a compact but usable centre console, the 1410 Frontier has ...

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inboard center console boat / classic / with cabin
inboard center console boat

Length: 7.9 m

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outboard center console boat / dual-console
outboard center console boat

Length: 5.44 m

... the ultimate in handling, load hauling and fuel efficiency in an outboard jet boat. Wooldridge Boats created the Alaskan XL for those who wanted a bigger outboard jet boat patterned ...

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outboard center console boat
outboard center console boat

Length: 18'03"

This is the boat that started it all. Thirty-three years ago, Eastern Boats offered only one model, this lovely 18’3” X 6’8” design by Royal Lowell, the Dean of Downeast boat designers. ...

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Eastern Boats 
outboard center console boat / amphibious
outboard center console boat

Length: 6.1 m

... stainless steel hubs Land powered by 4 stroke v twin cylinder air-cooled 24hp Honda in-board engine (mounted under center console) electronic ignition, electric start Hydraulic steering controls ...

center console catamaran / outboard / sport-fishing
center console catamaran

Length: 13 m

A concept design currently under development is this high speed 42' wavepiercer catamaran centre console sport fisher. The boat is primarily intended to be outboard engine powered although an inboard ...

outboard center console boat / twin-engine / sport-fishing / with cabin
outboard center console boat

Length: 10.06 m

... like tough and cool experiences Seamaster 33 is something extraordinary! Fast, stable and secure! Not to mention exciting! A boat to impress! Deep V-bottom 24 degrees, giving an impressive easily driven hull with outstanding ...

outboard center console boat / semi-displacement hull / dive / aluminum
outboard center console boat
Mono - 8.80 m

Length: 8.8 m

This Aluminium Passengers Shuttle, 8.80m long and 3.10m wide is approved to Maritime French standards. Its total capacity is 12 passengers in addition to the pilot. Her deck plan is rational and effective and provides good passenger ...

inboard center console boat / twin-engine / center console / open
inboard center console boat

Length: 18.82 m

... California is the latest model of the Waterdream boats. This 65ft yacht is the ultimate day yacht. It’s completely handbuild in Holland and be customised by wishes of the owner. The boat will be launched ...

inboard center console boat / twin-engine / planing hull / center console
inboard center console boat

Length: 13.77 m

PRINCIPAL DIMENSIONS AND FEATURES Length over all : 13,77 meter Beam : 3,90 meter Draft under props : 1,3 meter Half load displacement approx : 16,5 tons Fuel capacity : 1800 liters Fresh water capacity : 200 liters Holding tank ...

outboard center console boat / center console / sport-fishing / 12-person max.
outboard center console boat

Length: 7.92 m

... present the all new Melges Power 26™. The new power boat by Melges was created with great passion by some of the most experienced boaters, fisherman, naval architects, structural engineers and boat builders ...

inboard center console boat / fast / 12-person max. / 16-person max.
inboard center console boat

Length: 13.04 m

... you’ve ever experienced. The naval architecture is not the only determining factor that makesthe Gladiator from far the best boat in the category.The high tech construction process using only the best components and equipments ...

outboard center console boat / center console / open / sport-fishing
outboard center console boat

Length: 6.55 m

center console catamaran / outboard / twin-engine / center console
center console catamaran
Magnum 23

Length: 7.1 m

The Magnum 23 Centre Console boat is trailerable and has been engineered to fit into a standard 40ft. container, thereby ensuring economic transportation to faraway destinations. Like its larger sisters ...