canoe paddle / recreational / single / wooden
canoe paddle

WOOD PADDLE WITH HANDLE Manufactured in painted marine wood. Ø mm. 35

kayak paddle / for canoes / recreational / touring
kayak paddle

... swing weight. Carbon reinforced nylon blades (Black). Options: one part/take apart. See the shaft lock types for take apart paddles HERE Features Length 210 - 240 cm Shaft Carbon, 29 mm Blade 45,5 x 15,5 cm, Small, ...

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canoe paddle / flatwater / symmetrical / single
canoe paddle

Brača Canoe 20 and Brača Canoe 21.5 are an exact copy of the wooden blade paddle (see previous model Brača Canoe Gere). This paddle has the same grip ...

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canoe paddle / kayak / for river rafts / white-water
canoe paddle
Pink Transparent

... can also do wholesale whitewater paddle, river raft paddle, whitewater rafting paddle, whitewater kayak paddle, whitewater canoe paddle, ...

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canoe paddle / recreational / asymmetrical / single
canoe paddle
Double Bend OC

Double Bend OC Carbon Our lightest outrigger canoe paddle. Only 18.5 oz. This is an all-carbon double bend shaft with our breakthrough 9.5" blade. Comfortable carbon palm grip handle Light, strong, ...

canoe paddle / recreational / symmetrical / single
canoe paddle

Paddles are required by law in many states for small boats and personal watercraft. Team adjustable paddles stow easily and telescope from 20 inches to 3 feet 9 inches (50 to 115 cm).