Solarglide Limited

Who we are

Solarglide Limited are UK manufacturers of high quality marine window coverings for the international maritime industry. Providing Window blinds, solar screens, curtains, speacialist window films and wipers for ships and offshore projects globally.

Our products are trusted worldwide by leading cruiseliner companies, superyacht owners and commercial vessel managers and operators.

Solarglide's also the UK hub for Vecom Chemicals, offering just-in-time delivery to vessels operating and visiting UK and Irish shores. 

Our Vision Statement: 

To protect the health and wellbeing of mariners, crew and passengers travelling the worlds oceans, by providing the very best innovative solutons for windows and glass. 

Our values

At Solarglide we pride ourselves on the following values: 

- Partnerships            - Innovation             - Trust              - Loyalty            - Humour            - Creativity