Overblue Srl

Who we are

Overblue was designed in collaboration with a well established designer and architect Stefano Nolletti of Foschi & Nolletti studio.

It is a result of long time experience and passion for boating as well as good analytical approach towards the market where the trend is showing that people today are seeking for comfort, safety, innovation, efficiency as well as adventure all combined in one product.

To enable that, we designed a yacht that offers all the comfort of modern home, is able to cruise in all conditions, is full of innovative solutions, easy to maintain, ecological and competitively priced.

Our values

We are a team of boating enthusiasts each with its own life experience that share the need to develop a new lifestyle. A lifestyle that will change how people spend time on the water. A lifestyle that will allow them to be closer to the nature with their home.

Our diverse expertise and life experience helps us enrich our idea by putting all the knowledge together and bringing out the best of it.

Our team members have great experience in boat building, developing, managing and most importantly analysing the markets which was one of the key points that lead us to develop Overblue "a reflection of how we would like to spend our life and not just our free time".

To complement the story of Overblue we can proudly present our products that have already been successfully positioned on the market in different industries today and are harvesting great results. A good idea has to be supported by a determined and hard working team.