Who we are

After 12 years developing professional electronic equipment, with a consolidated position in the market, Gsertel decided to apply the deep know how into the IoT market and launch a product range oriented to improve marina or harbour supplies management: TRITON.

TRITON product range covers the need of those managers looking for unattended operation and centralized managing of the supplies in their marina or harbour. Also covers the need of third party pedestal vendors looking for an universal and intuitive system to provide their pedestals with automatic control and management.

Our values

Gsertel has a high capacity for innovation through a highly qualified engineering department, with extensive experience in the development of measurement and control equipment.

Gsertel belongs to the Televes Corporation. The factory has production and packaging lines fully robotized, which make possible to minimize human errors and ensure the high performance of our products.

Gsertel markets its products in more than 90 countries through a partners network oriented to the professional segment.

Gsertel is open to analyze projects with specific requirementsand develop the most suitable solution for the customer. One of the main skills of Gsertel is our flexibility to analyze customer requirements and tailor the product to their needs. Customization is possible because we fully control the process: engineering, design, manufacturing, testing. Gsertel can offer solutions to particular or complex problems such as:
•     To adapt pedestals to specific environments.
•     To develop new operating modes in the pedestal.
•     To develop specific features in the management application.
•     To do integration with third-party applications.

On the other hand, in Gsertel we guarantee the quality and reliability of all our products. We also want our customers to feel supported after purchasing our products, to ensure they get most benefit from them. In our Technical Service, skilled technicians provide quick and professional assistance to any issue which may appear during the life of the products.