Who we are

Dotando Inc. with offices in Miami FL and Ravenna ITALY, member of National Marine Electronic Association (NMEA), makes its ability to monitor and manage things and people in the physical world electronically available to our customers, together with a complete offer: cloud portal, devices, connectivity and end-to-end solution as DOTMobile Watercraft Ecosystem.

Dotando Inc, delivers DOTMobile Watercraft Ecosystem: the unique, complete, multifunction system built for the marine industry. DOTMobile Watercraft Ecosystem does GPS Tracking, Alarm, Security, Monitoring, Pro-active Management of JetSkis, Boats, Yachts and Mobile Workforce.

Business with us

With DOTMobile our partners delight customers with innovative, still affordable solution and build a recurring business based on selling hardware and installation with additional yearly recurring service plans.

We can help by providing partners with a complete, flexible offer with global connectivity, backed-up by our experience and customer service, continuous product, service evolution and a scalable Partnership Program:

DEALER, grow your business by leveraging DOTMobile brand, selling select Devices and Installation

PARTNER, build a recurring business by mastering DOTMobile Ecosystem and full range of Digital Service Plan, Devices and Accessories

PARTNER SaaS, Software as a Service, build a recurring business with a dedicated server front end and database, fully customizable portal to build on your own brand, price policy and finally maximize profits

With very limited investments and DOTMobile Ecosystem, our partners will be finally able to outclass competition.

Our values

Dotando aims at creating a constantly evolving relationship in which each players, manufacturers, dealers, service and management companies, customers create real value in a single ecosystem by exploiting the power of the Internet of Things. 

Dotando helps people and business in many industries to track, secure, control, manage and proactively maintain things and people on move:

Agriculture - Cleaning Service Providers – Containers – Fleets - Heavy Equipment - Mobile Workforce – People - Plumbers, HVAC, Electricians Companies - Snowplows, Salt Spreaders, Street Sweeping – Transportation - Waste Management - Watercraft