Who we are


At Damen, it's all about ships - it's what we do, it's who we are. We design them, we build them, we service them. We like them! We have a vision and we are on a mission. You can read about them here, in our global Vision & Mission statement.

Our mission

Damen is a client focused, international and family owned shipbuilder with Dutch roots. We design and build innovative ships of excellent quality, supported by a worldwide network of sales and services including maintenance and repair & conversion facilities.

Our vision

Damen aims to become a global market leader in niche markets of shipbuilding, shiprepair & conversion and related services, growing step by step developing quality vessels and services. Damen wants to exceed its clients’ expectations in terms of quality, innovation, and reliability. Damen must attract top customers – employees –and partners to be successful in a safe environment.


Today the company has more than 6,000 employees working at 35 companies worldwide. Since the introduction of modular shipbuilding (The Damen Standard), Damen has built over 5,000 vessels and annually up to 150 vessels are built. At dedicated shipyards strategically located all over the world Damen carries out the mass production of standard hulls for certain popular vessel types. Damen Shipyards operates in many shipbuilding sectors and has become a prominent and recognised shipbuilder throughout the world.


Since 1969 Damen Shipyards has delivered more than 5,000 vessels. On average we deliver around 150 vessels a year and we always keep more than 150 hulls in stock to ensure a short delivery time. Each year we complete more than 1,000 repair jobs.

Key Figures 2013

Annual Turnover : 1,7 billion Euro

Damen Shipyard Group: 32 yards worldwide

The Netherlands: 15

Abroad: 17

Employees: 8,000 worldwide

The Netherlands: 3,000

International: 5,000

Annual deliveries 2013: 170

Tugs / Workboats: 70

Offshore Vessels: 15

High Speed Craft & Ferries: 55

Pontoons & Barges: 9

Dredging & Specials: 5

Cargo Vessels/Inland & Coastal: 12

Naval & Yachts: 4


Damen is a globally operating company, but we are never far away. Our customers always have one single point of contact and we facilitate optimal contact between our customers and product specialists.

Cost savings and rapid response

Up to 150 vessels are manufactured annually at our 35 owned shipyards or at numerous partner yards around the world. This global presence means that we are always able to build near our delivery destination. And that leads to significant cost savings and guarantees a rapid response.

Damen yards, business cooperations and partner yards

Our dedicated teams of sales managers travel all year around the world. They travel between their designated countries and the headquarters of the Damen Shipyards Group in the Netherlands. 

Our values


In 1927 Damen was established by two brothers. Now, Damen Shipyards has a leading position in shipbuilding with more than 6,000 employees and a presence in 35 countries. Damen is a multinational company that has never lost its family values or its deep respect for its maritime heritage.

A modest start for Damen

The two Damen brothers Jan and Rien started the company in a shed next to the family home in 1922. Five years later they formalised the company as Damen Brothers. It remained a small but prominent boat builder until Kommer Damen joined the company.

New work method key to success

In 1969 Kommer Damen purchased the company from his father and introduced the modular shipbuilding concept in the building of small boats and launches. This concept of standardisation (now called The Damen Standard) has evident advantages such as shorter delivery times, reduced costs and proven designs. The concept was an immediate success and in 1973 the expansion of Damen Shipyards in Gorinchem began.

First global activities

Damen kept on growing gradually and soon the group started exporting. Because Gorinchem was strategically placed for the dredging industry, auxiliary equipment and workboats were built. The Damen dredging workboats quickly became the standard in many foreign markets and Kommer Damen saw the opportunity to export. Later on Kommer Damen took over numerous yards specialised in niche markets where he saw an opportunity to invest. And Damen started partnerships and business cooperations with yards all over the world.


Damen’s unique shipbuilding concept is based on what our customers want: the best quality, proven designs, short delivery time, low maintenance and excellent resale value. The result is a work method with the perfect balance between standardisation and custom-built vessels. And of course we offer a broad range of customer services.

The best price-quality ratio

We offer our customers well-proven and thoroughly tested design and technology, competitively priced and innovative vessels equipped with the possibility of a large range of options. By listening carefully to client feedback we are able to standardise our hulls in each niche market. And to meet specific customer needs we fine-tune every Damen ship down to the last detail. Our standardised shipbuilding approach, known as The Damen Standard, has become one of our fundamental core values.

Short delivery time and independent advice

To reduce delivery times substantially, we build a wide variety of standard hulls on our own account and keep them in stock. However, these vessels and the various options can be configured so they are tailor-made to suit customer demands. We can deliver our vessels with this wide variety of options and we are able to give independent advice. 


Our unique, standardised shipbuilding concept is called The Damen Standard. It gives us the ability to offer our customers well-proven, innovative vessels for competitive prices. The standard hulls, which all have proven designs, can also be modified to meet customer wishes and equipped with various options to suit specific jobs and regulations.

Advantages of standardisation

Fast response to customer requests

Competitive pricing

Short delivery times due to stock vessels

Reliability, proven and tested technology

Continuous product development

Interchangeability of vessels, crew, spares, equipment

Low maintenance costs

Guaranteed performance

Benchmark for the industry

High resale value

Standard hulls finished to your requirements

Damen vessels are of the highest quality standard, built for maximum performance, low fuel consumption and designed to have low maintenance. We have years of experience in the engineering, building and testing of these standard hulls. And we keep a wide range of these proven, standard hulls in stock. That’s why we can guarantee the best result and the shortest delivery time.