Canadian Electric Boat Co.

Who we are

We are an electric boats' manufacturer since 1995. We have sold more than 1000 electric boats all around the world. We want to set ourselves as the best electric boat's manufacturer. The company was bought two years ago by two boating passionates and the whole vision of the company has changed ever since. Innovation and R&D have become key factors to our company. We manufacture three different models: the Quiétude 156, the Fantail 217 and the Bruce 22. Two strolling classic electric boats and the last invention the Bruce 22e, which is a classic runabout and the fastest electric boat produced in America at 70km/h (40mph). You can now practise water sports with the Bruce 22e. Our electric boats are equipped with a high power engine comparable to the ones found in electric cars. We also use lithium-ion Panasonic batteries to be able to provide up to eight hours of autonomy. 

Our values

We aim to play a key role in transport electrification worldwide. The average size boat needs 15 times more fuel than a family car. This is one of the main reasons we decided to find a way of producing high quality and affordable electric boats. Our engineering and research and development teams work tirelessly in order to innovate in the green energy field. Our boats are noiseless and have zero pollution emission. Therefore, they pay an equally high respect to the environment and people in surrounding areas who are also enjoying the water.