C Security Systems AB

Who we are


C Security Systems AB is based in Stockholm, Sweden with expertise in the areas of mobile communications and positioning technologies. The firm is a public company and markets, sells and develops the product C-pod.

The product C-pod is the result of several years of continous development from the originally named SeaKey security system which was born through a collaboration between Chalmers University of Technology, Ericsson and Volvo in 1999. C-pod has brought peace of mind to boat enthusiasts since 2005 and has been installed in boats in more than 50 countries.

C-pod lets you survey a number of functions onboard your boat in an other continent, from your computer at home, your smart phone or from a reading pad. The system permits up to 10 different alarm receivers to get alerts by email or text message. The communication between you and your boat, are routed over our central servers.

This enables you to monitor if your boat is being moved, intrusion or break-ins, if the boat´s batteries are losing power, temperature, fire or smoke. You can also follow your boats positions around the world live or by looking at the historical data, regardless if you are on board or not. A great feature for boats that are chartered. In addition to these functions you can activate (or deactivate) electronic equipment onboard your boat.

Whether you interest is professional or private C-pod will suit your needs with its wide range of optional plug-n-play accessories as well as a fleet interface for multiple vessels monitoring.

Our values

C Security Systems offer value to both private customers as well as to professionals. The C-pod Security solution always includes:

• Free Technical support

• Automatic online upgrades

• Unlimited global coverage

• Smartphone application

• Personal Web portal

• After sales service.

Private customers receives financial benefits and peace of mind:

C-pod is a flexible high quality security solution and is easy to customize depending on whether it is a small boat, jet ski or a larger yacht. C-pod has plug-n-play accessories which makes it easy to install even for a non professional.

The system has proven its functionality in all major climate zones and is the only one of its kind that will notify the owner if the system is unable to send alarms which ensures the owner that the boat is always protected.

The main benefits towards private customers are:

- Minimized risk of damage to the vessel or loss of the boat.

- 24/7 surveillance of the boat.

- Often a lower premium and/or deductible on the boat insurance.

- Fixed fee and no hidden costs associated to the security system.

Professional customers benefit by strengthening their customer relations and control of their fleet/operation

C Security Systems offers great opportunities for professionals to add value to their business. Our main partners are found among boat builders (OEM), insurance companies and marinas/charter companies.

Boat builders may strengthen their offer towards end customers as well as their customer relations. Boat builders are becoming increasingly interested in including a security solution in their boats in order to enhance their offer. C Security Systems also provide the possibility to white label the smartphone app and the personal web portal which enables boat builders the possibility to have their own brand and communication channel directly to the end customers.

Insurance companies see their reimbursements increase yearly and acknowledge C-pod as a strong solution to prevent loss or damage to the boat. Together with insurance companies we are able to tailor insurance packages which reduces both the risk of reimbursements and the end customers insurance premiums.

Marinas and charter companies mainly uses C-pod to protect their assets but also to control their operations. C Security Systems allows a fleet interface which makes it possible to overview the status of a fleet of vessels. All the history is being saved and it is easy to display where and at what time a boat or jet ski has left the mooring and for how long it has been used.

Our presence around the world