Breedt Production Tooling and Design, LLC

Who we are

Breedt Production Tooling and Design (BPT Design) is a tooling and design house that impacts productivity for some of the world's largest manufacturers and iconic brands. BPT Design is renown as an innovative solutions provider. BPT Design's Green Marine Solutions is generating new designs and materials for use in fenders, pile protectors, and other products for the maritime industry.

Our values

Green Marine Solutions is an international consortium of small businesses that excel at what we do. We provide innovative, “right-sized” solutions for customer-defined challenges. We deliver quality we can be proud of, sold at a reasonable profit.

Starting in the spring 2017, the modular floating fender will be produced in Seligenstadt, Germany by M + R Dichstungtechnik GmbH on their new state-of-the-art press. Matau-Marine GmbH, a maritime consultancy, offers maritime industry expertise and specific project management. Production tooling, engineering, and fabrication takes place at Breedt Production Tooling and Design, LLC in Washington State. Compression molding production shops are located in Canada and Colorado State.

The environment is a world-wide concern deserving global collaboration. We search the world for "fish-friendly" materials such as EPDM 513 from Germany and 3CR12 from South Africa.  

Let us be a part of your efforts to make this world a better place!