CNC cutting table / for leather / shipyard
L3 Zünd Systemtechnik



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    for leather

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For better performance and quality

Take your productivity in shoe manufacturing to the next level! Process leather, sole, liner, and even stencil materials with greater precision and efficiency than you ever thought possible. With an oscillating tool and always the perfect blade for the job, Zünd L3 leather cutters let you process leather and other materials at speeds of up to one meter per second! The punch module with two independent tools punches up to eight holes per second. With Zünd leather cutters, your production becomes first rate – efficient, economical, superior in quality!

For better cost effectiveness and efficiency

Comfortable leather sofas, cozy armchairs, cockpit furnishings, and steering wheels of luxury sports cars – Zünd cutters are at the origin of so many products we encounter. Many well-known manufacturers in the leather industry have put their trust in Zünd cutting systems. This is not surprising, considering the outstanding performance and productivity of Zünd cutters. Their low operating cost and simple integration in existing production workflows further contribute to an extraordinarily quick ROI.

24/7 non-stop production

The L3 cutting system is designed for non-stop production: cutting/processing and loading/unloading occur concurrently. A green LED light indicates which area can be safely accessed for unloading and reloading, while production continues on the other side.