rescue boat / outboard / inflatable boat
ERB 380 Zodiac Milpro International



  • Type:

    rescue boat

  • Motor type:


  • Other characteristics:

    inflatable boat

  • Length:

    3.88 m (12'08")

  • Passenger capacity:

    6 unit


Rapid Deployment crafts – Search & Rescue approved

The Zodiac Milpro™ ERB – Emergency Response Boat – range has been specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of Search & Rescue Organisations throughout the World.

Our ERB crafts are highly portable, compact packed size and can be rapidly deployed by means of high pressure inflation systems, within minutes.

These specific features, together with the expertise of Zodiac Milpro™, make the ERB range the ideal partner when quality of design and manufacture count.

Zodiac Milpro™ is proposing the ERB range with HPP, roll-up or rigid floorboard options.

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