multipurpose cordage / sheet / single braid / laid
Maxibraid Yale Cordage



  • Type:

    multipurpose, sheet

  • Structure:

    single braid, laid

  • Application domain:

    for racing sailboats

  • Core material:

    polyethylene core


Maxibraid is a 12-strand single-braid rope constructed from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene UHMWPE fiber. UHMWPE has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any synthetic or natural fiber, and it floats. The integral Maxijacket High Performance coating firms the construction, increases wear life and helps keep contaminants out of the rope.

Maxibraid also has extremely low stretch and is laid firmer than Ultrex, sacrificing some tensile strength for longevity in tough field conditions. In many instances, we have found this firmer lay retains higher percentages of original breaking strength after use in the field for extended periods. Available in a variety of Maxijacket colors, which can help identify time in service, differentiate one rope from another or denote load ratings.