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WHEEL Series Yachtgarage



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The WHEEL series shelters are made with frame in S355JR steel with hot galvanized finishing and fire retardant PVC. It will be possible to use different kinds of pipes depending on the size of the shelter. Main profile are 42x42x2mm: 50x50x2,5 mm: 60x60x3mm and 80x80x4mm or bigger. The PVC is 950 gr/m2 for each bay distance. Each PVC section will cover one bay distance from one side to the other side including the roof. This shelters can be assembled on concrete industrial flooring using rotating industrial wheels made in Teflon.

The WHEEL series shelters are the perfect solution when the customer need to have mobile solution also made in different connecting modules. With this technology is possible to have good span width (up to 20 meters) and good heights (up to 15 meters). There are no limits in length as this system is modular thanks to the 3 meters bay distance. All the WHHEL series shelters must be fixed to the ground with belts and concrete weights to avoid any movement in case of wind.
The PVC is assembled to the steel structure via a small aluminum profile with the same function of the ALU series. With this series of shelter is possible to make different shapes and different connecting modules as shown in picture.
The WHEEL series shelters are NOT to be considered TEMPORARY STRUCURES but have to be considered MACHINERY FOR THE WORKS ON BOAT IN CASE OF RAIN.