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Yachtgarage is pleased to announce the first temporary structure made of composite profiles (GFRP) obtained by the technique of pultrusion and made of polyester resins reinforced by thermosetting fiberglass.This new material has absolutely innovative characteristics. Stronger and lighter than steel (about 1/3), no rust, resistant to UV rays, non-magnetic and radiolucent. In addition it is completely recyclable and can be colored during the pultrusion and, therefore, does not require painting . the benefits of this new material in the creation of sheds for shipyards are truly remarkable: greater ease of assembly since much lighter, very resistant to the upper and lateral loads (wind and snow), not get ruined by the salt and especially take up less space. A shed made of truss beams in fact, require a footprint of about 60% higher compared to the same structure made of GFRP The new structures Composit series can be made in the size required by the customer and are easily movable even on uneven floors as they are on orbital wheels with 200 mm diameter. The material complies with the European standard EN 13706: 2003 and the guidelines CNR DT 205/200. Moreover, all our shelters are calculated in compliance with Community rule UNI EN13782. PROMOTION FIRST SAMPLE: We are looking for partners in different areas interested in this product in order to have the structures to show our customers. For all new purchases are reserved special price and conditions. Contact us!