wastewater treatment system / shipyard / chemical
WT001 Yachtgarage



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The WT001 water treatment plant is the worlds smallest CHEMICAL PHYSICAL treatment plant available. With this new bridge design is possible to save space and is particularly indicated for small shipyards with yards area up to 2.000 m². Flow rate is 0,5 m³/h. The PE tank (not included in the product) is dedicated to the flocculation process and can be directly replaced with a new one when it will be completely full of Mud. The system can operate in manual mode or in fully automatic mode thanks to the two level meters included in the product. The system adopt a special floating T pipe with oil separator that will be placed in the collecting tank. The system include two dosing pump for chemicals,two chemicals tanks for PAC and PAM, the mixing pipe, the quartz sand and activated carbon media filters with back wash system, two pressure control for media filters. The control box and a whole set of piping and fittings for assembling 220 v 50 Hz.