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ALU Series Yachtgarage



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The ALU series shelters are made in reinforced 6061T6 aluminum profile and fire retardant PVC. It will be possible to use different kinds of profiles depending on the size of the shelter. Main profile are 120x120x2mm ; 204x110x4 mm ; 250x130x5mm and 350x250x6mm. The PVC is 950 gr/m2 for the roof and 650 gr/m2 for the sidewalls. This shelters can be assembled on concrete industrial flooring using some steel plates with at least 4 expansion screws or can also be assembled on grass, gravel or any other flooring using the plates. With this material it is not possible to make folding hangars or wheeled hangars because the aluminum is too flexible.

The ALU series shelters are the perfect solution when the customer need very large span width (up to 60 meters) or very big heights (up to 20 meters). There are no limits in length as this system is modular and it is possible to have bay distance of three, four or five meters. In case the height of the hangar is more then 10/12 meters (depending on shapes) is needed to use steel cables on the side of the structure. The PVC is assembled to the aluminum profile as shown on picture. The PVC of the sidewalls is made of 2 parts (left and right) and has a joint made with a security zipper studied to open if the wind speed is more than 70 km/h. With this series of shelter is make different shapes as shown in picture.

The ALU series shelters are TEMPORARY STRUCURES and can be assembled in EU following the European regulations for temporary shelters. The ALU series has Fire retardant certification for the PVC and wind and snow load certification as per European standards.