wastewater tank / shipyard / bendable / plastic
WA000 Yachtgarage


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Yachtgarage is pleased to present a simple, cheap and effective solution for all those sites that do not have an industrial floor, grids and / or storage tanks for waste waters but that need to convey waters from washing of hulls to a treatment facility.The collection tank Yachtgarage VRC001 is made with a double S355JR steel frame with powder coating coverage, base in galvanized steel sheet and waterproof - fireproof PVC 950 gr/m2. The base of the tank is equipped with an inclined plane to allow the smooth flow of the waters and the simple collection with a submersible pump (not supplied). With dimensions of 6x4x0, 2m (LXWXH) and a weight of about 200 kg is equipped with eight wheels with orbital movement for easy moving.
The tank is designed to allow the collection of up to 2 m3 of water.With this solution, you no longer need to carry out work of paving and installation of grids and collecting tanks while avoiding unnecessary, costly and time requests for permissions.The tank VRC001 is available exclusively with the dry dock waste water treatment systems Yachtgarage WT001nad WT002 at a promotional price.