Motor control joystick / for boats
JMC Xenta Systems


  • Applications:

    for motors

  • Application domain:

    for boats


JMC (Joystick for Maneuvering and Cruising)

The JMC (Joystick for Maneuvering and Cruising) allows to control the craft with only one lever either when maneuvering and when cruising. JMC manages cleverly the main engines, the gearbox, the rudders (or the hydrojets or the surface piercing propellers), the bow thruster and the stern thruster if the boast is equipped with one. JMC allows the pilot to control the craft with only one hand, moving the joystick in the chosen direction to obtain the required movement.

The lever, thanks to the innovative force sensors, detects the direction that has been set by the pilot and determines automatically how to use the main engines and the thruster to perform the required movement .

The lever is able to move like a traditional single lever control head controlling the RPM of both the means of propulsion (like the SYNCHRO mode of traditional control heads). In this mode the system integrates the autopilot function and allows to cruise keeping the chosen direction. When a sideways oriented force is applied to the lever, the craft changes direction with the aid of the rudders. The intensity of the force applied determines the range of the change of direction (the stronger the force, the lesser the steering radius).


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