pilot seat shock absorber
X-System X-Craft Suspension Seats



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    for pilot seats


t is the original and very versatile suspension system that can be used in a wide range of different craft and can be fitted with all types of seats. The clever design enables users to add comfortable high end shock mitigation to a seat of their choice. Boat builders could easily purchase the X-system to use in their new build projects or refit projects. This could also be for an existing seat on a boat which needs an upgrade to create a suspension seat.

The stand-alone suspension pedestal is made from powder coated 316 grade stainless steel and is fitted with the bespoke X-Craft shock absorber which has adjustable spring tension and rebound settings, offering a supportive and comfortable ride for occupants between 75kg and 115kg, on request a custom shock absorber can be fitted to serve lighter or heavier occupants. The X-System has a compact yet extremely strong configuration and is being used in all disciplines of boating, whether it is small craft or heavy workboats. The very low maintenance requirements offer a long term worry free period of excellent comfort and support in all sea states.