connected position and tracking system / control system / for yachts / for ships
Pack security WOOBOAT 



  • Function:

    position and tracking system, control system

  • Application domain:

    for yachts, for ships, for boats, for tenders, for sailboats

  • Type:

    for charter boats, towing, knock and misfiring, fluid level

  • Applications:

    battery, system, anchorage, engine, for tanks, navigation light

  • Network:


  • Other characteristics:

    remote, alarm, connected


The "Pack Secu" is an offer ready to install. It meets the basic security needs : break in, water ingress, theft or mooring issue and can light the mooring light.

The pack is prewired and preinstalled to make the installation easier

Pack detail
- a Woobox® with predefined actions
- a magnetic sensor
- a water sensor
- an output prewired to command the bilge pump
- an output prewired to command the mooring light
- an output prewired to command any alarm device like a siren

Note : the bilge pump, the mooring light and the siren are not included to the pack.