plain bearing block / double / with swivel / max. rope ø 9 mm
62205 Wichard



  • Type:

    plain bearing

  • Number of sheaves:


  • Configuration:

    with swivel

  • Maximum line diameter:

    max. rope ø 9 mm

  • Application domain:

    for sailboats

  • Applications:

    halyard, spinnaker, boom

  • Working load:

    480 kg (1,058.2 lb)

  • Breaking load:

    900 kg (1,984.2 lb)


Complete range of plain bearing blocks
Modern design
Withstand high loads
Ideal for static operations
The sheave runs on the stainless steel bush
Light cheeks protecting the sheave
Wide choice of fastenings thanks to the universal head
Mainsheet systems
Halyard applications
boom vangs
spinnaker control lines on dinghies, catamaran and small keelboats
Grade 316L stainless steel head configuration

Grade 316L stainless steel load straps

Polycarbonate flanges

Composite saddle for cam models

Composite sheave