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Weta Marine

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sport trimaran sport trimaran


WETA is the premier family multihull taking the US by storm

Conceived and designed in New Zealand, over
1,200 Weta Trimarans have been sold worldwide.
Hand-crafted – this is no “machine-built boat” –
the fibreglass/carbon composite construction
delivers the perfect pairing of rigidity and lightweight
performance. Expertly made for maximum
enjoyment and minimum fuss, whether you’re
sailing all out and solo, mixing it up with the family
or teaching the kids to sail, the Weta is simple
to sail, surprisingly quick, and an absolute tonne
of fun.

Fun, fast and easy, there is nothing
better than a Weta!

Key Features :

Compact design - The Weta packs down to the footprint of a Laser on a custom fit
lightweight beach trolley
Fast and easy setup - Lightweight and simple, rig and launch by yourself in 20 minutes
Versatile - Sail solo or mix it up with the family
One class design - Weta has a strong base of racing fleets across the world
“It’s quick, solidly built, incredibly stable and forgiving, and easier
to rig than a laser. When it comes to the fun meter, the Weta has it
pegged” - Sailing World

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