boat water station (pump, accumulator tank, heat exchanger)



The marine water stations are professional robust solutions, designed to be used everyday, in every area and under all circumstances. The water stations have compact dimensions in all capacities (11.6 kW to 35 kW) and come with optional brackets for floor or wall mounting. The units are assembled on a stainless steel tray, fitted in a modern enclosure and operate very quietly.
Four versions in five different capacities (from 11.6 kW to 35 kW):

- Central heating (heat only control)
- Central heating + hot sanitary water through boiler (full options control panel)
- Central heating + hot sanitary water through integrated plate heat exchanger (full options control panel)
- Central heating for air conditioner integration (without control, control through A/C unit)

The advantages of the water stations:
- Compact dimensions, robust construction
- Pre-mounted for easy installation
- Operate on 12 / 24 V battery power
- Winter mode with freeze protection
- Central heating and hot sanitary water in one system
- Circulation pump, fuel filter, dedicated electronics etc. already integrated

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