diesel heater / for yachts / for boats
Thermo 230 / 300 / 350 Webasto



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    for yachts, for boats


Thermo 230/300/350 – for high heating power demands

The device is suitable for very large boats. The heater has the power to keep every
part of your boat warm and challenges even extreme weather conditions. In case one
heater is not sufficient (e.g. very large boats) two heaters can be combined.

Expert recommendation: Thermo 230 water station
The powerful and proven Thermo 230 water station is particularly well suited for
heating up large boats and yachts. It is warm and cozy on board with sufficient hot
water for comfortable relaxation.

The advantages of the Thermo 230/ 300/350:
- Suitable for very large boats
- Challenges even extreme weather conditions