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Ship propeller / variable-pitch / shaft-drive / 4-blade
Wärtsilä Corporation


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    for ships

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Wärtsilä Controllable Pitch Propellers offer excellent efficiency and manoeuvrability, and are recommended for ships requiring frequent port calls.

Wärtsilä CP propellers are the ideal choice for diesel mechanic propulsion, in combination with both medium-speed and low-speed diesel engines.

Full power is available in heavy and light conditions through automatic pitch adjustment. Engine overload is avoided in all conditions. CP propellers permit optimised skew angles to minimise noise and vibrations.The combinator curve can be shaped to avoid ship and machinery resonances, and to assure optimum operation of the complete propulsion system.

Compact, well proven, strong hub designs
Few components, robust design
Small overhang weight
Accurate stepless hydraulic pitch control
Reduced hydraulic power requirement
Easy to install, delivered as a pre-assembled complete system
Underwater replacement of blades


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