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Wärtsilä Corporation

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Unique incinerator for a cleaner and healthier environment
Operating in today’s cruise market can be a challenge with all the new environmental regulations applying to cruise ships. It is a requirement that the effluent from a ship must be clean and safe. Wärtsilä’s Hamworthy has a proven track-record in developing technology to meet these anticipated environmental standards. Our solutions have set the global benchmark for wastewater management. Wärtsilä can provide a complete, fully integrated package for wet and dry waste treatment.
Unique features
The Wärtsilä incinerator combines innovative technology with benefits of using paddle technology and the wet-de ashing system. The (Water Cooled Paddle System) requires only a short combustion chamber, due to the forward and backward movement, resulting in an optimal mixing of waste during the incinerating process. Since the combustion process takes place on the bottom of the incinerator, the air supply is above the burning waste, which results in reduced airborne ash. The paddle system has water cooled shafts and paddles made from Inconel, which cannot be overheated.

The wet de-ashing system eliminates airborne ash in the dry waste compartments, resulting in a cleaner and healthier working environment for personnel. In addition, it is easy to handle ash bags and reduces maintenance on other equipment installed nearby.