chemical tanker cargo ship / Aframax
WSD 42 111K Wärtsilä Corporation



  • Type:

    chemical tanker

  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    252.8 m (829'04")

  • DWT:

    111,000 t (122,357 us ton)


Single decked, single screw motor ship with machinery
Double bottom and double skin in way of cargo tank region
Design flexibility: available in Basic (HFO), Environmental (HFO + Scrubber +SCR) and Dual Fuel (LNG) versions
Superior huillines, CFD optimized and proven by extensive model testing
Meeting EEDI of 2025 requirements
Optimized Net tonnage/Gross tonnage ratio (0.60)
Twelve (12) epoxy coated cargo tanks (+2 slop tanks) by means of transverse bulkheads and CL longitudinal bulkhead
Steam driven cargo handling system with high loading- / discharging capacities
Clean design- Fuel tanks in engine room arranged with cofferdams against outer shell
Space-optimized accommodation arrangement
Unrestricted ocean services and terminals compatible with vessel's dimensions
Optional ice class