Trawler luxury yacht
MY NAVETTA 68' - 20,70m 67' 11" Vismara

The “Vismara Motoryachts Line” represents the application of construction technology and scientifi c design approach used for Vismara’s high-performance yachts, but this time, to motor cruisers. In particular, the advantages of this approach to the engine are those of being able to design more marine-based hulls, which can sail while planing at lower speeds and with smaller engines, thanks to their lower construction weight. Advanced compound technology and the integration of structural and architectural elements mean that is it is possible to cut displacement by some 30 – 40 percent and as a result, less power is required of engines, which in turn lowers consumption.
High-tech motor yachts are marking a new era in long-range, offshore motor cruising, especially for those boat owners who love to sail in all seas and for long distances, while keeping noise levels and consumption to a minimum.


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