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management software / for yachts
Yachtpass Vis



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    for yachts


Yachtpass.com – our market-place designed specifically for the nautical sector and integrated into the NAVIS 3 software - provides the best interaction and dialogue between shipowners and the nautical companies such as marinas, boat builders, dealers and charters. NAVIS 3 becomes the back-office software of Yachtpass.com.

The portal contains detailed descriptions of all the marinas of the North coast of the Mediterranean: Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey. Ship owners can submit a simple mooring request to the marinas and the marinas that have joined the system completely can check the availability and price of the berths to then make a booking on-line, even with pre-payment via pay-pal. The request comes directly into the NAVIS 3 software, therefore the marina operator can manage it easily without having to accessing other interfaces.


There are multiple services offered to the ship owner: In the MY BOAT section, ship owners can enter and produce a detailed profile of their boat. If they would like to put it up for sale or use it for charters, Yachtpass.com provides all the necessary tools to perform these tasks with ease.

In the MY MARINA section, ship owners can verify their accounting positions coming from their home port (with NAVIS 3) and all the facilities where they transited. From the same marinas they can also get quotes, mooring contracts, the progress of work. They can then proceed directly from the portal, with receiving estimates and paying invoices.